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Donald Bunney graphic mark.png

LGNDS Barbershop is the creation of two local barbers. One of the owners is my wife and yes, she's amazing. 

I wanted to create something clean and sporty, with a graphic mark that is independently recognizable. 


If you're ever in Ellwood City, stop in for a fresh cut. Otherwise, check them out on Instagram at lgnds_barbershop or their website lgndsbarbershop.com.

Athletes Brand works with pro athletes to stand for something as individuals. They've helped over 1000 pro athletes have a platform for what they stand for, through personal branding, legacy discovery, global product campaigns for a cause, and by creating positive change where athletes live and play.


When Athletes Brand asked me to help with their rebranding, I wanted to create a logo that conveyed one of the most sought after attributes of an athlete...speed.

They only wanted to minimally change their previous logo. So, I streamlined the feather in the graphic mark and gave the type a bolder, more fluid feel.

Check them out at athletesbrand.com

Homes for Good is using the real estate platform to amplify what’s already happening and create a movement that connects even more people with local organizations that need support. Led by real estate agent Time McBride, they aim to be change agents who give back to non-profits that are making a positive impact on the community and inspire others to do the same. They're doing some really great things.


Check them out at: homesforgoodaz.com

This was a project I was messing around with. The idea was to rebrand a taxi company in order to help them compete with the likes of Uber and Lyft. Customers could call a cab through an app and even schedule a pickup online.


Of course, I used Robert DeNiro's character from Taxi Driver as my sample driver.